3 Reasons Why Weed is Better than Alcohol

In the ring we have a stoner and a drunk…who’s going to come out victorious?!

No matter where you place your bets, we have a few reasons why we happen to think weed is better than alcohol.

So put down the bottle and spark up a joint. Let’s get started.

1. Alcohol makes you want to text your shitty ex. Weed makes you want to make nachos.

House of Organics - weed is better than alcohol

Let’s be real. The decisions you make when you’re high versus drunk are vastly different.

When you’re drunk, you’re ready to eat your weight in fast food, throw it all up in a grimy bar bathroom, and then, of course, text the ex at closing time. Or worse – call.

But when you’re high, you can’t be bothered. You’re jammin’ to some tunes, you’re cooking up some dank nachos, and your ex is as repulsive as ever. Best to stay away and just enjoy your night before you drift off into the best slumber you’ve ever had. You can be the one rolling your eyes when you wake up to a drunk text from your ex sent at 3:00am.

I’ll let you be the judge on which substance people tend to make better decisions on.

2. Alcohol gives you a hangover. Weed gives you the giggles.

House of Organics - weed is better than alcohol

After you’ve had one too many drinks, you can feel it coming on. The headache, the dehydration, and everything hurts. Where did that bruise come from?! You don’t know, and you don’t want to know.

But with cannabis, you can say goodbye the hangover, and hello to the giggles. In a worst case scenario, you may have to turn down the volume on your TV in order to taste your dinner, but as far as ailments go, that’s about as bad as it gets. Keep on giggling.

3. Alcohol makes you destructive. Weed makes you want to try meditation.

House of Organics - weed is better than alcohol

Was that dude just checking out your girl!? Oh hell no.

That’s a train of thought that’s likely crossed the minds of many angry drunks in any given dive bar. Tempers are shortened, inhibitions dropped, and you’re ready to throw some punches. Or at least slur some unintelligible curse words in their direction. That’ll show ‘em.

But when you’re high, you’re much more thoughtful. Passive. Peaceful. Maybe that guy wasn’t checking out your girl. And if he was, you’re so confident in the connection you share with her that you’re not threatened by a stranger. You look into her beautiful eyes with a new appreciation for her as you ask, “Wanna get out of here and go to Taco Bell?”

Do you think weed is better than alcohol? Or vice versa? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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