10 Easy Ways to be Kind on Random Acts of Kindness Day 2019

Small things create a big impact.

Random Acts of Kindness Day 2019 falls on February 17th this year, so we thought we’d give you some inspiration to pay it forward!

Performing a random act of kindness, today and every day, is good for you and everyone around you. There’s literally no downside, and we’re all about spreading the positive vibes.

Sharing kindness, love, and positivity is never a bad idea which is why we love this holiday so much. It’s an excuse to feel good about the world and about yourself.

It’s especially important to practice kindness when you feel that the world is in a state of disarray.

If you feel that the world is missing some light, be that light!

House of organics - random acts of kindness day 2019


1. Pick up a piece of trash that’s not yours

Save the planet, one piece of trash at a time. It takes almost no time at all to throw out that candy wrapper outside of your apartment or that plastic bag on the sidewalk during your smoke break at work.

2. Volunteer

There are tons of good causes that are looking for help, and what better way to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day 2019 than to volunteer? Browse opportunities on Craigslist in the Volunteer section or on VolunteerMatch.

3. Give a compliment

Everyone secretly loves getting compliments. But we challenge you to compliment someone based on something other than the way they look. Choose something a little more meaningful…like telling them that they’re a great listener, or that their happiness is contagious. There are tons of compliments that you can give that have nothing to do with appearance.

House of organics - random acts of kindness day 2019


4. Send someone a card via snail mail letting them know you’re thinking about them

With Facebook, Instagram, iMessage, and texting, we’ve gotten used to the instant gratification of a DM.

But there’s still something so sweet about receiving snail mail, and on Random Acts of Kindness Day 2019, sending a letter to someone you love will make their day!

5. Let someone into your lane while driving

What are you in such a big hurry for, anyway?

Give your road rage a rest and give someone the opportunity to get into your lane while on the road.

It takes no effort for you, and it’ll be greatly appreciated for anyone running late.

6. Schedule flowers to be delivered to someone you love on a random day this year, just because

Flowers may be expected on Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and other lovey-dovey holidays, but why not surprise someone with flowers just because?

Show that you appreciate your love every day of the year and schedule flowers to be delivered to your sweetie’s work on a random day.

After all, this is Random Acts of Kindness Day 2019!

House of organics - random acts of kindness day 2019


7. Give someone a like, comment, retweet, reblog, etc. on social media

Whether your friends are looking for validation for the way they look, support for their new business, or appreciation for how cute their pet is, there’s no harm in being liberal with your social media likes.

8. Bake some cookies and share with your neighbors

Share something sweet with those around you for Random Acts of Kindness Day 2019. Plus – who doesn’t love cookies?!

9. Share a funny video or meme with a coworker

We seriously don’t get enough laughter in our day. So next time you’re scrolling through memes on your lunch break, share the best ones with your coworker so that you can share a laugh together.

It’s easy for you to do, and has the possibility to make your coworker’s whole day.

10. Give someone a pre-roll

If your friends love cannabis as much as you do, giving out pre-rolls, joints, or any other cannabis product for that matter, will totally make their day!

And lucky for you, we got pre-rolls for every occasion.

Feel free to browse our online menu to find the perfect one (or two…or five…)

Kindness is easy to give and can make anyone’s day. We can change lives and change the world with one random act of kindness at a time.

What was the last thing someone did for you that was truly kind? Let us know in the comments section below!

Want to surprise someone with the gift of cannabis for Random Acts of Kindness Day 2019? We have what you need at House of Organics!

P.S. If you love us, you’ll love what’s coming soon…* hint hint * a Kolas state of mind…