Cannabis Quiz: Find Out Which Method is Perfect for You!

This cannabis quiz is all about finding out which cannabis consumption method is perfect for you. The questions you answer will determine which of the four most popular ways of enjoying marijuana you should try next. Try to answer as honestly as possible, and don’t forget to have fun!

Keep track of how many of each A, B, C, or Ds that you answer. Once you see which one you picked the most, find the bottom of the quiz for your results.

House of Organics blog - cannabis quiz

1. When you think about smoking a joint outside, what’s the first thing that pops into your head?

a. Sounds relaxing. Count me in.

b. Outside…as in, in public?! Where people can see me?? No way!

c. I have a bad knee, so as long as the hike isn’t too bad, I’m game.

d. Ugh I hate smoking but fine, I’ll go.

2. What are you most excited about when you use cannabis?

a. The actual act of smoking.

b. Relieving stress, and hopefully avoiding paranoia.

c. Pain relief.

d. Staying high for as long as possible.

House of Organics blog - cannabis quiz

3. How high do you want to get?

a. The level of high doesn’t matter as much as the whole experience.

b. Depends on my mood, but I want to be able to control it well.

c. Not too high, or not high at all, if possible.

d. High af.

4. Who do you see yourself smoking cannabis with?

a. Whoever. Just as long as they bring the good vibes.

b. People I trust and am comfortable around.

c. I just want my pain to go away. I don’t really care who’s there.

d. I don’t imagine I’ll be very social, so just my couch, please.

House of Organics blog - cannabis quiz

5. Favorite munchies?

a. Pizza.

b. Healthy but yummy snacks.

c. Berries, tea, and anything to do with healing properties.

d. Anything in the fridge will do.

6. What do you want to do right after feeling the effects?

a. Have a laugh with my friends.

b. Get sh** done! (You know some chores are more fun when you’re high, right?)

c. Just rest and relax.

d. Watch a funny movie and gather the snacks.

House of Organics blog - cannabis quiz

7. What’s the best quality in a good friend?

a. No drama, easy going.

b. Trustworthy, dependable.

c. Good listener, understanding.

d. Good sense of humor.

8. What kind of technology do you like in your cannabis experience?

a. Technology? I just wanna smoke.

b. I’m down with technology if it makes the dosing more precise and user-friendly.

c. Whatever makes me feel better, I’ll give it a shot.

d. If by technology you mean brownie mix, sounds good to me!


Count up your number of A, B, C, and D answers to find out which cannabis method is the right one for you!

House of Organics blog - cannabis quiz

Mostly ‘A’s: Flower

Let’s be real, you love the act of actually smoking. You want to be able to share a joint with some friends, or even just enjoying a bowl to yourself at the end of the day. That’s why we recommend, based off of your cannabis quiz answers, that your best method is probably flower. Simple, natural, and organic.

Mostly ‘B’s: Vape pens

You may not be a “pot head”, but you still like to get high from time to time. If you answered mostly Bs in this cannabis quiz, you appreciate the ability to be discreet, which is exactly what a vape pen is perfect for. Control your dosing, be subtle in public, and enjoy the user-ease of a vape pen.

Mostly ‘C’s: Topicals

We feel your pain. Topicals are the perfect method for you because if you answered mostly Cs in this cannabis quiz, you probably have some sort of pain that you’re trying to treat with cannabis. Luckily for you, topicals are perfect for if you want that muscle pain relief without the psychoactive effects that cannabis is usually known for.

Mostly ‘D’s: Edibles

You ready to blast off? If you got mostly Ds in this cannabis quiz, chances are, you’re trying to get as high as possible. That’s exactly why we recommend, based on your answers, that edibles are the way to go. But remember; don’t go into this experience blind. Make sure you know what you’re doing so that you can have the best time possible!

Which result did you get? Share it with us in the comments section below!

Everyone is different, and our quiz isn’t meant to make actual recommendations. If you really want to know which cannabis consumption method is right for you, you should come in and talk to one of our knowledgeable and helpful budtenders about your unique interests and needs.

Want us to make another quiz with more methods for the results? Let us know in the comments section below!