Cannabis Quiz: Are You a Cannabis Connoisseur?

This cannabis quiz is all about seeing how much of a cannabis connoisseur you are. A cannabis connoisseur is someone who can be trusted to make informed decisions and educate others accurately about cannabis. Try to answer as honestly as possible, and don’t forget to have fun!

Keep track of how many of each AB, or Cs that you answer. Then add up your points where A=1, B=2, C=3. Once you add up all your points based on your answers, find the bottom of the quiz for your results.

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1. How often do you use cannabis?

A. Rarely.

B. Every once in a while.

C. 24/7.

2. How many different strains have you tried?

A. I can’t really tell the difference from stain to strain.

B. A few.

C. More than I can count.

3. How many different methods (ie. smoking, vaping, edibles, tinctures, topicals, etc…) have you tried?

A. Just one.

B. I’ve DABbled in a few.

C. I’ve tried it all.

4. How do you react when people talk about cannabis around you?

A. Interested, but I mostly listen.

B. I learn a lot but also have some information to contribute to the conversation.

C. I’m usually leading the conversation.

5. What’s your favorite word to describe our favorite plant?

A. Marijuana.

B. Weed.

C. Cannabis.

6. Where do you store your cannabis products?

A. In a shoebox, bag, or drawer.

B. Somewhere smell-proof; that’s all I really care about.

C. In an air-tight container in a cool, dry place.

7. Have you ever grown your own flower?

A. I’ve considered it.

B. I’ve tried it once.

C. Yes, I have my own garden.

8. Do you understand what terpenes are?

A. Terp-whats?

B. Rings a bell. Has to do with something about flavor?

C. Yes, and I care about the terpene profile of the strains I experience.

9. How important to you is it that your cannabis products are lab tested?

A. I didn’t even know that cannabis could be lab tested…

B. It sounds ideal but it’s not a priority

C. I only use lab-tested. I never want to smoke, vape, or ingest pesticides or harsh chemicals.

10. Who do you think smokes weed the most?

A. Mostly hippies and teenagers.

B. Lots of people, but mostly not athletes or people in high power career positions.

C. Everyone. The stereotype isn’t real.

RESULTS: Are you a cannabis connoisseur?

If your points added up to be 10-16, then you’re probably a novice. Just because you’re not quite a cannabis connoisseur yet doesn’t mean that you won’t be soon! The more time you spend learning and experimenting with different strains and methods, the more well-versed you’ll become. Continue to learn from friends and budtenders who are knowledgeable and develop your own taste for which strains you like most and take it from there. The cannabis community is very welcoming and nonjudgmental, so don’t be afraid to reach out!

If your points added up to be 17-23, then you’re not quite a cannabis connoisseur yet, but you’re well on your way to getting there. You know a fair amount and can probably impress your friends with your knowledge, but you also probably know that you still have much more to learn. You’re at such an exciting place because you know enough to discern the main stuff, but there’s still room to explore and grow your taste and preferences. Feel free to chat with knowledgeable budtenders to learn more.

If your points added up to be 24-30, congratulations, you most definitely are a cannabis connoisseur! Your endless knowledge inspires those around you and people come to you for advice on all things cannabis. As a result of your knowledge and experience, you probably have an impressive collection of strains, tools, and cannabis products. But if ever you need replenishment, know that we, at House of Organics, have your back. If you’re ever looking for a job in the cannabis industry, we are always looking for more cannabis connoisseurs to add to our team, so feel free to apply on our Careers page.


House of Organics - House of Organics blogs - cannabis connoisseur


What results did you get? Feel free to share yours in the comments section below!

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