7 of the Best Cannabis Blogs for People Who Are Anti-Marijuana

Have you ever been in a position where you knew that you were right, but the person you were trying to convince just wasn’t having it?

While you may never be able to change someone’s mind, you can at least open a dialogue that will have you both learning new things.

There are ways to make your friend or family member more receptive to your point of view.

But to do that, you must be able to be respectful to theirs, really listen to what they have to say, and yes, even validate them.

Even if their facts aren’t fully there, they’re still entitled to their feelings and emotions. Validating those and showing that you’re on the same side of them will help them to let their guard down and will show them that they’re safe to put down their defenses.

If you want to open a discussion about cannabis use, these are some of the best cannabis blogs to ignite important conversations with almost anyone.

1. For someone who may be anti-medical marijuana

Cannabis and Cancer, Hallucinations, and Other Questions

If you know someone who thinks cannabis is just a drug that gets you high, this might be one of the best cannabis blogs for them.

This blog addresses the relationship between cannabis and cancer, brain cells, depression, and hallucinations.

While we still need more science to give us any definitive answers, this blog includes important discussion topics that will open an interesting dialogue between you and your medically-savvy anti-marijuana friend.

House of organics - best cannabis blogs
House of organics - best cannabis blogs

2. For starting a dialogue with just about anyone

7 Cannabis Facts for a Blossoming Industry

If you’re looking for a way to start a conversation with someone you know is anti-marijuana, this is one of the best cannabis blogs to spark the dialogue you’re looking for.

With facts about North Korea, the NFL, and the gender pay gap, there’s bound to be something in here that’ll interest your friend.

Sometimes, the hardest part about connecting with someone is knowing where to start. This blog is full of interesting facts about cannabis and may make your anti-marijuana friend think twice.

3. For someone who still sees cannabis as a street drug

Comparing Black Market and Dispensary Cannabis

This is one of the best cannabis blogs for anyone who still thinks about sketchy back-alley drug deals and a quick gateway to meth when they hear about cannabis.

The truth is, the development of dispensaries have totally changed the game on what it means to sell cannabis.

This blog addresses that dispensaries are safer, more consistent, and have a larger selection than what you’d find on the street.

This may make your anti-marijuana friend feel more comfortable and safe when re-considering their perspective on cannabis.

House of organics - best cannabis blogs
House of organics - best cannabis blogs

4. For someone trying to quit smoking cigarettes

Can Cannabis Help You Quit Smoking Cigarettes?

We all know someone who’s tried everything to quit smoking cigarettes.

Cigarettes are the cause of approximately every 1 in 5 deaths.

Cannabis? None.

This blog suggests that the future may hold some link between quitting cigarettes by utilizing the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

Even your anti-marijuana friend or family member may think twice about cannabis if they thought it could help them kick cigarettes in the butt.

5. For someone who is interested in philosophy

Does Smoking Cannabis Make You a Better Person?

While this blog is subjective and even a bit controversial from the point of view of someone who is anti-marijuana, this is still one of the best cannabis blogs for opening an important dialogue about how cannabis affects you from an ethical standpoint.

The blog concludes on a somewhat neutral note about how cannabis may help you to set a positive intention, but ultimately, it is up to you to change yourself into the person you want to be.

This is something you and your anti-marijuana friend may be able to agree upon.

House of organics - best cannabis blogs
House of organics - best cannabis blogs

6. For someone willing to try anything to patch up a rocky relationship

5 Ways Marijuana Improves Your Relationships

Maybe your anti-marijuana friend is in a relationship or partnership that seems to always be in jeopardy.

If they’re not interested in breaking up, maybe suggesting this blog to them wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

This is one of the best cannabis blogs for exploring the nature of relationships with the influence of cannabis.

While cannabis may not save their problematic relationship, maybe it’ll give them some insight into why so many people enjoy using it and find it beneficial.

7. For someone who is a parent to a teenager

Teen Drug Use Drops in States with Legal Medical Marijuana

Whether you support marijuana or are anti-marijuana, we all want what’s best for our children.

So, your anti-marijuana friend or family member may find solace in the fact that the numbers don’t lie – teen drug-use actually dropped in states with legal medical marijuana.

The real drugs to look out for in teens? Non-medical prescription opioids and cigarettes.

Sharing this blog will not only show that you care about their family, but that you are looking out for the teenager that your friend is worried about.

House of organics - best cannabis blogs

Talking with people who have a different perspective from us may be one of the most enriching experiences in our lives.

Being able to have a respectful conversation without arguing isn’t easy, but it’s possible.

Have you ever been able to achieve this with someone who was different from you? Let us know how it went in the comments section below.