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Tahoe OG

A northern California favorite, Tahoe OG has been gracing our coast almost as long as OG Kush itself. This indica strain is a phenocut of OG Kush, and has beautiful, resinous, kernel shaped nugs common to OG strains. The strain has won awards all around, notably taking “3rd place indica” in 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup. Starting with a delightful earthy taste, masked through undertones of lemon and pine, the smoke from this flower will be sure to leave a tickle in your throat. Perfect for at home use, this fast-acting strong indica will be accompanied by a sativa-like euphoria. The full body couch lock will inspire sleep, dissolve  any pain you may have, and promote a hearty appetite. tahoe og


Vaporizing cannabis is all the rage and the future of cannabis consumption in a safe, and discreet manner. When selecting your vape pen, it is imperative to gather the facts when making your decision. As the industry expands, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find what sets one pen apart from another.  Dabstix is one of those pens that is a cut above the rest, boasting awards from High Times magazine as “best most affordable vape pen”, as well as awards from Michigan and Los Angeles Cannabis Cups. Dabstix offers pens available in a dry herb, concentrate, and E-cig juice compatibility. Compacting fashion and functionality in one sleek, stylish package. The Dabstix vapor pen makes vaping convenient, user friendly, and eliminates the hassle of preparing your medicine. Available at House of Organics, currently offering Dabstix skillet and glass globe pens, come check them out! dabstix glass globe

Daily Specials Everyday here at House of Organics!

96044cf1da015ce36ff38c7a13e89e16.image.240x240We are excited to introduce daily specials now available everyday at House of Organics….
  • Monday Special: Free gram with a donation towards any 1/8th on any tier!
  • Tuesday Special: 4 gram 1/8ths on all tiers!
  • Wednesday Special: 3 grams of select wax for $89!
  • Thursday Special: $5 off a donation towards a 1/4 on any tier!
  • Friday Special: 4 gram 1/8ths on all tiers!
  • Saturday Special: Free edible with a donation of $20 or more!
  • Sunday Special: Pick any special from the rest of the week!

Cheeba Chews

CheebaChewsProductLine Searching for a discreet, consistent and potent edible can sometimes be a lot harder than you would imagine but with Cheeba Chews you get all of these qualities and more. Cheeba Chews facility is based in Colorado and has been producing premium gluten free and peanut free chocolate taffy chews. This company has been in business for over five years and has attained three prestige’s High Times Cannabis Cup Awards. These chocolate taffy chews come in a variety of THC content; there are 175mg THC Hybrid chews as well as 70mg THC chews that come in a variety of Indica, Hybrid and Sativa. The 175mg chews have a hint of cannabis flavor and aroma however; the 70mg chews taste, look and smell similar to a tootsie roll. These edibles are perfect for medicating for long durations and defeating aliments like stress, depression and pain.  

POP Naturals Premium CO2 Oils

Many patient’s are taking the organic route in medicating, and POP Naturals is paving the way with an all natural, all organic, fully refined CO2 oil. By offering affordable access for all patients, POP Naturals is raising the standard in product quality.  All medicine is lab tested to ensure efficacy and results of THC, THCA, CBD, and CBDA are all posted for your added convenience. By utilizing CO2 as their solvent, the medicine is able to be extracted from the flower in the safest, most natural method. The medicine is not put through a second extraction with co-solvents as this would increase the risk of leaving this product non-organic, and not safe for consumption.  What is left is a consistently powerful product that possesses no risk to one’s health. You may find POP Naturals premium CO2 oils available in 1/2 g and 1 g sizes in a syringe dropper convenient for dosing appropriately.pop oil
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