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House of Organics is proud to introduce their newest addition to our line of cannabis infused hash oil capsules… Cannacaps! Cannacaps are small, orally ingested capsules designed to be long lasting intense symptom relievers. Available in two versions, the “Ladybug” version provides patients with 10 capsules each containing 11.5 mg of THC, able to relieve stress, depression, nausea and overall pain in a smaller dosage. Alternatively, the “Hummingbird” version is available with 5 capsules per bottle each containing 49.5 mg of THC and 7.9 mg of CBD, perfect for patient’s needing a larger dosage that can manage chronic pain, anxiety, and allow for a greater psychoactive effect. Come try them out! cannacap_ladybug

Chronically Delicious Neo-Meds!

A new trend in the beverage world for the past few years, made popular by large companies like Gatorade or Arizona, has been revolved around flavoring your water with drops of concentrated juices or “Water Enhancers.” This same technology was then used by cannabis company Chronically Delicious to create their own water enhancer “Chronically Delicious Neo-Meds.” Chronically Delicious is famous for their 12oz flavored beverages that have 120mg of THC. The Neo-Meds contain 800mg of THC into only 4oz of 100% organic agave nectar cannabis concentrate. This makes finding your ideal dose much easier than before as you could ration out the concentrate as you please into anything from 40 x 20mg doses to 4 x 200 mg doses. It is suggested to mix the concentrate with water but it can also be consumed as is similar to a dropper or like a tincture. If you’re dieting or even a diabetic looking for a consumable cannabis medicine that is low in sugar, calories, and sodium, this may be the right thing for you. Now available in Mango Lemon, Grapes, Strawberry, Fruit Punch, and Cherry flavors.

CannaGold MoonRocks

New to House of Organics is a new combined form of cannabis medication that is quickly becoming popular in the medical cannabis community. Introducing…. CannaGold’s Moonrocks! A Moonrock is essentially cannabis flower that is rolled in hash oil or wax and covered in kief, giving it the general shape of the moon’s surface and thus the name “Moonrocks.” CannaGold has been making their version of the Moonrock since 2011. They have been able to provide quality consistent products and has been most comparable to other popular Moonrock providers including CavairGold and Krupt’s Moonrocks. CannaGold uses a Top Shelf OG Kush flower to roll around in CannaGold Hash Oil and then coated with their keif, CannaGold Dust. With the variety of cannabis packed close together, the CannaGold’s Moonrocks is best suited for Anxiety, Appetite, Back Pain, Body Pain, Cancer, Depression, Insomnia, Joint Pain, Migraine, Muscle Spasms, and Cramps.moonrocks

Super Lemon Haze

super lemon hazeThis super sativa is a brilliant cross of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. It provides an uplifting cerebral effect that is fully functional and perfect for a busy task-filled day. The smoke expands as you inhale so as you exhale you may feel a heavy body effect that will last a few minutes. After you will feel like you are ready to go about your day. The buds are coated in crystals and orange hairs with a sweet skunky taste and the hints of lemon citrus almost identical to Pine-sol cleaner. Now available at House of Organics!

Daily specials everyday! Come check us out! House of Organics! 100% Organic

certifiedWe are excited to announce daily specials here at House of Organics!
  • Monday Special: Free gram with a donation towards any 1/8th on any tier!
  • Tuesday Special: 4 gram 1/8ths on all tiers!
  • Wednesday Special: 3 grams of select wax for $89!
  • Thursday Special: $5 off a donation towards a 1/4 on any tier!
  • Friday Special: 4 gram 1/8ths on all tiers!
  • Saturday Special: Free edible with a donation of $20 or more!
  • Sunday Special: Pick any special from the rest of the week!
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