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New to the cannabis vaping scene is Bloom Farm’s HIGHLIGHTER, an all-natural Cannabis Vapor Pen. The HIGHLIGHTER has a sleek and discreet design that is easy to use with a detachable rechargeable battery and a CO2 Cannabis Oil Cartridge. Bloom Farm grows their own cannabis flower local to California with natural methods to help preserve the land and the environment. With that flower they use a safe and clean CO2, free from petroleum-based, solvent to extract the oils. The CO2 Cannabis Oil is then extensively lab tested and certified pesticide free before being siphoned into disposable oil cartridges. Once a cannabis oil cartridge no longer produces any vapor and is empty, simply dispose of it and replace it with another pre-filled cartridge. The HIGHLIGHTER is currently available in Indica and Sativa varieties with pen sets (that include a cartridge) and individual cartridges for those who already have one. Colors available are black and white representing indica and sativa respectively. bloom farm pen


Edipures are raising the new medicating standards with their THC infused gummies, dried fruits, and nuts! Having a minimal cannabis taste, these treats are put through rigorous lab methods and testing by Steep Hill Labs, providing consistent THC dosing. These snacks are available in 100 mg or 250 mg packages at House of Organics, and are broke down into either 5 mg, 10 mg or 50 mg dose options per bag. Organic, user-friendly, and recommended for relieving pain, anxiety, stress and sleep management. EDIPURE_LOGO

Abusive OG

The “Abusive OG” is an Indica dominant hybrid cross of an OG Kush phenotype it commonly stays fairly short and bushy with tightly packed clusters of extremely dense nuggets that come to completion in only 8-9 weeks. The Abusive OG is a great choice for beginning cultivators as she responds well to basic errors while still providing gorgeous flowers with a very earthy OG Kush flavor and aroma that stands strong on your taste buds after exhaling. The Abusive OG Strain provides a fantastic mood boost and heavy relaxation that is great for combating depression, pain, and muscle tension through out your day.Abusive OG

Blueberry Lights

Blueberry Lights is a tasty indica cross of Blueberry and Northern Lights. The result creates a unique effect that balances the physical effects from the Northern Lights with both the cerebral effects and the berry aroma of the Blueberry. With both parent plants originating before 1990, the Blueberry Lights offers familiar traits that long time patients are familiar with while creating an entirely new strain on its own. This strain is perfect for night time use or if you’re looking for intense pain relief and a creeping euphoria upon inhale.

Daily specials here at House of Organics! Come by today!

96044cf1da015ce36ff38c7a13e89e16.image.240x240 We are excited to announce daily specials here at House of Organics!
  • Monday Special: Free gram with a donation towards any 1/8th on any tier!
  • Tuesday Special: 4 gram 1/8ths on all tiers!
  • Wednesday Special: 3 grams of select wax for $89!
  • Thursday Special: $5 off a donation towards a 1/4 on any tier!
  • Friday Special: 4 gram 1/8ths on all tiers!
  • Saturday Special: Free edible with a donation of $20 or more!
  • Sunday Special: Pick any special from the rest of the week!
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