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Bloom Farms Vaporizers

Bloom Farms Highlighter vaporizers are a product of the future. These disposable pre filled co2 cartridges are available in sativa, hybrid and indica. Sativa or Indica sets are also available and these sets are accompanied by a battery, one pre filled co2 cartridge as well as usb charger. This high grade cannabis oil is made from potent, natural flowers grown by Bloom Farms themselves to insure quality. The flowers are then put through a natural co2 pressing process giving it immaculate effects perfect for day and night time use. These convenient vaporizes are easy to use and very desecrate because they give off no smell once exhaled, making this the perfect product for all patients looking for a way to medicate without the hassle of hiding the smell.bloom farm pen


Do you JuJu?

As we jump into 2016, vape pens are becoming more and more popular. With brands like Blooms Farms, Pop Natural, and Bumblebee, it’s hard not to love and enjoy this easy accessible way to medicate. JuJu Joints are the newest brand of vape pens to hit the shelves at House of Organics. Not only do they have multiple strains but the strains they offer come in three different categories. The JuJu Joints that are presented in black are predominately THC. The ones in white are predominately CBD and the grey pens will be your hybrids with a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC. Not only are these pens charged, loaded, and ready to go but they also pack a big punch. Every 250mg  of oil has been extracted from at least four grams of flower and you can expect all batches to be free of PG/PEG additives. Now that we have the run down on these powerful baby sized vapes, the 1.5 billion dollar question is Do you, will you, JuJu?jujujoints

DIxie Boosted Lifted 10mg Shots

dixie liftedHere at House Of Organics, making it’s way all the way from Colorado, is our new line of Dixie cannabis infused edibles and drinks! Today we’re highlighting a product that is changing the standard when it comes to discreet and efficient dosing. Dixie Boosted Lifted 10mg Shots are 1 fl oz. shots of citrus acai drink infused with 10mg of THC. These shots contain an exclusive blend of natural ingredients that will improve cellular metabolism and enables your body to absorb THC more quickly. So not only will these shots have a shorter activation period, but they will also give off a delightful boost of energy! Each batch is triple lab tested for consistency and quality. Come see what all the fuss is about!

What Is Live-Resin?

Live-resin extractions are concentrates made from flowers that have been cryogenically frozen directly after harvesting. The freezing process preserves more of the oils, cannabinoids and terpenes in the plant from when it was alive. During the usual process of harvesting and curing, the bud is dried out and some of the oils, cannabinoids and terpenes dry out as well. This technique produces a potent and flavorful concentrate. This is a more time-consuming process and the yield is low compared to other extraction methods. However, the quality is distinctly higher than that of other types of extracts. j1 live resin

Cousin Andy’s Butter

butter We are now carrying a new product! Cousin Andy’s butter is infused with Phillips RX award winning hash oil containing a total of 1500 mg of THC. This edible is easy and discreet that can be applied into your daily routine. You can do anything from simply putting some butter on a slice of toast to baking a batch of cookies. Since the butter is infused with hash oil the medicine is already activated so when you heat the butter the medicine will still remain. Tip: We recommend to use half medicated butter, half regular butter for recipes save your medicine and to accurately dose the potency as needed.
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