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OG Kush, one of my most  favorite strains of all time! A medicine that delivers amazing balanced effects that can either have you energetic and creative, or relaxed and happy. In my opinion this strain can be consumed at anytime, any day and for any occasion. OG Kush is the strain of choice i consume when im feeling out of it and in real pain. It has and always will take care of my needs. Also another great effect this strain provides is appetite stimulation which i used while i was in my fitness classes because i couldn’t get an apatite to eat and gain muscle mass. So in conclusion, this strain delivers some handy effects that any patient can use throughout the day with no complaints. OG Kush    

Why Should I Grow Organically?

 At House of Organics, our main concern is the organic integrity of the medicine that we provide to our patients. Nowadays, a high volume of growers are becoming more interested in providing quantity over quality. Many have taken on a “mass production” approach to maximize yield and meet higher demands. In this event, there may be sacrifices made to the quality of the medicine provided. All of the flowers that our collective provides remain 100% organic, but if you don’t have access to natural grown medicine, you may try developing your own “green” thumb .
    So what does it mean to grow organically? Currently, there is not a set of standards for the authenticity of organic cannabis, as the Federal Government does not recognize medical marijuana. We must define these standards by first implementing the basics of what defines “organically grown”. That is defined as food, or in our case, cannabis, that is grown and processed using no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. By using all natural soil, lighting, and nutrients, we can produce organically grown cannabis.
    By growing organically, not only are you respecting your health, but you are also respecting your flowers. When starting an all natural grow , you may experience many positive changes in flowers. Flowers grown in optimum environments will show improved and higher yields, increased potency, and improved flavor and aroma. When grown non organically, you are left exposed to more toxins! Inhaled chemicals are typically present, and plants will be laden with heavy metals and salts. These contaminants will transfer to nearby water runoff and will have a negative environmental impact.
    Start your next growing season off right! Consider growing your own medicine the natural way. You’ll be doing your health, and your “buds” a favor!

Race For Recreational!

It’s time to take the 2016 voting ballot serious as it’s becoming more and more noticeable that this is a very iconic race. The first race is one that has not been won by a woman although Hillary Clinton will want to make me regret those words. The second race is one of a man with hair as fake as his intelligence gaining a great upswing of fans, voters I mean. The third race is one that will remain among our history and effect modern time more than either of these humans could ever imagine; that race is the race of deception. Deceit is something that can be placed anywhere at any time, the question is not how we control the deceit but how we let it control us. Recreational cannabis is a subject that has been on our radar since before Colorado’s game changing announcement. This is something that excited a lot of people before they could genuinely research the topic; it was generally looked at as being a total success due to the tax revenue that was being generated so quickly. Topics you don’t here being discussed are topics that are very simple but overlooked; for example If you have ideas about consuming cannabis for recreational purposes like stress, you will be surprised to find that cannabis provides more medical benefits than you originally thought. About sixty seven percent of U.S. doctors say that medical cannabis should be an option for patients according to a survey provided by WebMD/Medscape. Revenue is another topic that is overlooked by the general population which is an understandable mistake, especially while being promoted on television as such a record breaking tax revenue industry. What we do not see is how these funds are being redistributed back in to the community, which should be our number one concern because how could high rates along with no fair redistribution of tax revenue help citizens at all. Studies provided by Weedmaps have proven that when consumers in Colorado purchase smaller quantities of recreational cannabis opposed to medical cannabis the price is inflated at a rate of fifty percent more expensive. The impact of this article is specifically not to sway you from your personal voting choice but to provide you with a different perspective then what is always being promoted through news outlets. My biggest question, which should be most Americans question, is just because there are people paying astronomical rates for something we should all be entitled too, does that make the rates justifiable?

Pop Naturals Premium Oils!

Pop Naturals Premium Oil is a great source of concentrate that can be medicated in various ways you probably never thought were possible.  In which ways people may ask? This oil is decarboxylated which makes it edible! So, you can sublingually medicate with this by squirting a bit under your tongue and is known to have you feeling the effects in around 20 minutes. Also your able to cook with it and medicate the food you choose to eat, which can be a fun way to medicate. Furthermore, this oil can be vaporized by refilling it into a cartridge or putting a little pinch onto a vaporizer pen with a skillet on it. Many people make use of this medicine by dabbing it which can get the consumer feeling the heaviest effect they’ve ever felt almost instantly. In conclusion, this product in the cannabis world is pretty much universal in my opinion and gives you a chance to be creative with the way you medicate!

Let’s Get Kraken!

A smooth & flavorful treat for your enjoyment. Filled with 34% premium cacao milk chocolate & a layer of crunchy rice crispy goodness. These delicate chocolate bars are made with 180mg of THC and are pre-cut into twelve 15mg pieces, making it easy to manage doses. Another nice feature on this product is its child proof packaging. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get Kraken!  
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