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Medicating With A Water Pipe

There are various ways to medicate with cannabis. One of the more popular ways is smoking through a water pipe. Typically they are made of glass so one of their main drawbacks is the fact that they are fragile and can easily break. They also require regular cleaning. However, the benefits certainly outweigh the drawbacks. When using a water pipe, the water cools down and filters the smoke as you inhale which allows the patient to consume a larger dose at a time and limits the damage caused from inhaling hot smoke. It also allows for more control over the dosage as there are a plethora of shapes and sizes available and  the amount of smoke in the device is visible and therefore can be limited or increased as needed. For patients seeking a smooth, controlled, and consistent method of smoking their medicine, a water pipe is an excellent choice.

Mystabis Cannabis Inhaler

mystabisThe Mystabis Cannabis Inhaler is a 100%, pharmaceutical grade pressurized metered dose inhaler that is charged with natural extracts of cannabis. Each mist contains 3.5 mg of THC, and utilizes HFA-134a, which is the exact same propellant used in inhalers throughout the world. The duration of effects depends on personal tolerance to cannabis, but may last up to 4 hours. It is recommended to start with 1 to 2 puffs, and wait 5 minutes before increasing. If you have an existing lung condition, consult your doctor before use. The aerosol sprayed from the product is coarser than smoke or vape so you get a stronger intake of medicine. Very little medicine is exhaled, allowing patients to medicate without exposing others to significant second hand medicine. Come check out this consistent and clean delivery platform that is second to none in the industry today!

Indica vs Sativa

The two basic types of cannabis are indica and sativa. Even though most of us are familiar with the purposes  of the two, some are still confused about the differences. Depending on the strain, either of them can help with general pain. If you’re looking for more of a body effect then an indica strain would be the best choice. Indica stains will also help with nausea, muscle relaxation, and appetite stimulation. Sativa strains will usually help with depression, stress, and will also help you gain energy, if lacking any. Another big difference between the two is indica will be more sedative and will leave you more drowsy, verses sativa has more of a cerebral effect leaving you more uplifting. So, the next time you are looking for a good strain remember what effects you are looking for to help with your particular needs.

Cali Pharms Prerolls

Patient’s all over the Sacramento area are raving about a radical hash oil infused preroll that will elevate you unto heights greater than ever! Cali Pharms provides LHO extracted prerolls that fly off of our shelves under the name “Cali Cones”, that stick true to the organic quality of flower that we provide. These cones are rolled with organic buds and are coated in a layer of hash oil, and take the traditional convenience of having a prerolled joint and put a potent spin on it! The hash oil Cali Pharms uses is extracted using d-Limonene, which is the major component of oil extracted from citrus rind, making this a 100% solvent free cannabis concentrate. Cali Cones are strain specific and come in a variety of strains, come pick one up today! cali pharm cones

King Klone’s Purple Dream

purple dream Purple Dream is a cross of Granddaddy Purple and Blue Dream. With a potent sour grape smell and taste. This hybrid will provide you with a relaxing body high along with a slightly head high. Purple Dream allows patients to function while being medicated. This strain is great for those suffering from body pain and headaches.
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