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Process of Rosin!

Rosin is a new form of concentrate that has emerged in the medical scene because of its more natural and cleaner process than most methods using solvents like butane, CO2 and alcohol. Rosin is unlike most concentrates for the reason that it is put under the process of heat and pressure to separate valuable trichomes from unnecessary plant material. Since Rosin is a heat and pressure method and there is nothing added to the medicine, it is not necessary to purge or dry the medication. I find Rosin to be a great alternative for patients who are seeking high strength, natural and clean concentrates they can dab just like normal shatter, wax or oil.

REC-less Driving

You’ve done it! You finally got your Medical Marijuana Card (MMJ). I think it’s only right we went over some basic laws you must abide by. We all know that drinking and driving is against the law, you can bet that medicating and driving is prohibited as well. You’re not allowed to drive any motor vehicle while medicated. If you choose to medicate outside just be very aware of your surroundings. You must be at least 1,000 feet away from schools or youth centers. Also, try to be discreet. You don’t want to attract unneeded attention. Don’t get carried away and start carrying an excessive amount of flower. You are only allowed to have about eight ounces of dried cannabis. If you decide to grow your own medication, you’re usually allowed six mature plants. Different cities have their own laws and zoning restrictions so make sure you look up your city’s regulations. The number one rule you should live by is,  you must ALWAYS have your recommendation on hand! Now that I’m involved in the industry I’ve come across a lot of patients who have been walking around without their rec, assuming they’re safe. Unfortunately, without proof that you’re a valid patient, a cop will be allowed to confiscate your medication and/or arrest you if needed. Dispensaries also reserve the right to request rec upon any visit. So please, don’t be the one to Rec-less drive.

Woody Kush

woody kush Woody Kush is a fantastic indica strain that is a delightful trifecta cross of Master Kush x OG Kush x Hindu Kush. The buds are dense, caked with resin, and give off a skunk like, earthy aroma. A pleasant expansive smoke that has a little tickle in your throat, complete with a piney flavor. Woody Kush is a creeper, as it takes a few minutes to experience the true sedative effects of this potent medicine. A perfect relief for patient’s suffering from insomnia and muscle pain.

Understanding the consumption of edibles.

Consuming edibles can be a difficult task for many consumers trying to find the effects they are looking for. There are many different variables that come into play while consuming cannabis which involves your anatomy and how well your body process what it is taking in. Which is why edibles effect each individual differently by the way there body processes it and how much they weigh, how fast there metabolism is how high there tolerance may be these are all factors that may occur while digesting edibles. This makes it difficult for individuals looking for effects they want provided to them and how large of a portion they need to consume, This is where trial an error occurs in my personal opinion it is best to start with lower dosages before taking larger dosages of edibles to properly figure out how it effects you and did it provide the effects you needed or wanted ?


Cousin Andy’s Hard Candies!

Personally I have found that hard candies have been a wave in the medical cannabis industry that keeps going forward and keeps coming receding back to its starting point. This is a problem I have found only for the reason that when you are consuming hard candies and have such a high tolerance like myself you usually have to consume a full days worth of sugar before munchies even arrive leaving me with a great debate. Do I eat my favorite sweets and add more sugar for my body to process? This is a dilemma that no patient should have to deal with, that being said for all people with a likewise perspective there is now a hard candy product that will allow you to partake a high dose of medicine at the same time not having to consume a lot of candy or sugar. This product is called Cousin Andy’s Hard Candies, it contains four candies at fifty milligrams (50mg) each candy, that are available in three different flavors including Watermelon, Cherry and Blue Raspberry making this the perfect medication for patients with a high tolerance to edibles as well as being health conscious about sugar consumption. Be safe and enjoy!  
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