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Super Glue!

Super Glue is a fantastic strain that has been gracing the House of Organics flower selection. We are lucky enough to provide this psychedelic hybrid strain, that produces vivid euphoria and induces heavy muscle relaxation. A wonderful medicine for anytime of the day, this flower is a cross of Afghani and Northern Lights. The buds are frosty, light in color, and are caked with trichomes. Come try it out today! super glue2

Top Shelf Popcorn

These Top Shelf popcorn pack a bigger punch then expected! Now, every kitchen has their own standard for what is considered one individual dose. The company that makes these popcorn consider one dose to be equivalent to 470mg. In light of this information, one pack of these butterscotch treats have one dose. You can also expect a nice 50/50 hybrid effect from these popcorn snacks.  Some people worry about the cannabis over powering the taste but not to worry, the butterscotch compliments the flavor quite well. If you are allergic to nuts i’d advise you not go for these. Hope you enjoy! Carmel Corn Top Shelf Bakeryonlinemenu

The effects i personally try to obtain.

So when is comes down to looking for effect you personally want or enjoy You must be willing to dabble with different types of cannabis sativa,hybrid,and indica. Sativa is more for those looking for a very uplifting happy effect while indica is for patients looking for a more mellow relaxing effect, Hybrids are a combination of sativa and indica crossed together giving it a heavy body feeling while providing psychoactive effects as well. Myself in particular prefer more of and indica effect I’m a real upbeat person who always has lots of energy and not knowing what to exactly do with it. So I tend to obtain flower that will relax me enough to calm me down but not necessarily put me to sleep. This can be a hard task to obtain because everyone is effected definitely when it comes to cannabis something may work for me that doesn’t work for you, this depends on what effects you are looking for personally and what flower you choose to best provide these effects this may be hard for you at first to figure out what you like what you prefer and what you do not prefer. In the long run its best to do research on flowers with similar effects you are trying to obtain an go from there give it a try if it doesn’t work move on to the next one you might think will work for you all in all this is called trial and error therefore there is definitely something out there for everyone its all about finding what you personally need or enjoy from the medicine you have chosen. Best of luck to everyone out there looking for there “prefect” strain.

Picking a Proper Nail

Picking out a dab rig can be fun and exciting, but it may be tedious when finding one that fits your lifestyle. Even more important may be choosing a nail that suits you best. We’re here to provide you with the knowledge of understanding what makes each nail unique and to make the process of buying your brand new rig that much easier!
  • GLASS NAIL: Most dab rigs come fitted with a standard glass nail. Glass nails are easy to maintain cleanliness, and offer a great flavor. But all too often they will break after a very short period of time. They also cannot withstand prolonged periods of heat.
  • CERAMIC NAIL: If you’d prefer a nail that can withstand more heat than glass, you may opt for a ceramic nail. They are especially easy to clean, though because of their ability to maintain high temperatures, they often end up burning your concentrate. The durability will surpass a glass nail, but this does not make this the sturdiest nail of choice.
  • QUARTZ NAIL: Quartz nails offer a greater life span with improved durability. Quartz nails arguably offer the fullest range of terpenes. But be sure to dab quickly, as this nail will not hold its heat for too long.
  • TITANIUM NAIL: One of the most commonly used nails is the Titanium nail. Titanium nails are somewhat indestructible, they can take high amounts of heat and allow more time to consume your dab. When buying titanium be sure to inspect and ensure that the nail was produced in the U.S. and is of Grade 2 or Grade 3 titanium. This is especially important because lower grade titanium may produce inhalants that could be very harmful to your body. Be wary of cheap titanium nails purchased online.
  • E-NAIL: E-nails seem to be the best of all worlds, allowing the user to calibrate temperature and experience the full flavor profile of their concentrate. E-nails do not over burn your oil, so you won’t be wasting any product. Be prepared to spend a good chunk of money, as these are the most expensive of nails. They are not the most portable or discreet nails, either. dabnails

Vapor cartridges ?

Today we are going to be talking about these popular vape cartridges Have you ever bought a cartridge and it didn’t work? Have you ever starting vaping a cartridge an it suddenly doesn’t hit so well or you have to take a larger pull to get the same amount of vapor in the beginning ? This can be a problem with the heating elements in the actual cartridge not providing it with enough heat to get a decent size pull also depending on the actual consistency of the oil in the cartridge. I’ve also come across the plate on the bottom of the cartridge not being flush enough to properly connect to the plate in the pen therefore it’s not producing the proper electrical current which allows the heating element to be activated. I’ve come to the conclusion none of the vaporize on the market are constantly consistent enough therefore there will be error occasionally whether it’s the batches of oil they are using to the equipment malfunctioning it will happen to you. These Cartridges are available in many different varieties different qualities, and different consistencies making it hard to find the right choice therefore it’s all going to be trail error as well as personal preferences, Good Luck.
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