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California Considering Marijuana Regulations

PotRegulations California is the birthplace of America’s medical marijuana movement and home to the largest cannabis economy in the United States, but California lawmakers still haven’t been able to decide on what they want to do about marijuana.

Washington has established the very first-ever blood-level standard for driving a vehicle under the influence of cannabis. Meanwhile, Colorado has wasted no time in developing the nations most strictly regulated cannabis industry.

However, in California, the regulation of cannabis remains hazy as many legislators remain uneasy over the topics related to the medical marijuana industry. Although voters in California made the state the first to legalize cannabis for medical use by passing Proposition 215 in 1996, California is still far behind in defining the rules.

George Mull, a lawyer from Sacramento said, “Prop 215 called for the Legislature to come up with regulations and the never have.” His California Cannabis Industry Association pushed for a licensing bill for cannabis businesses last year and will do so again this year.

An assembly committee in California advanced a bill in recent months to have the same state agency that currently regulates liquor stores and bars oversee the medical marijuana dispensaries. The author of the bill discussed that state regulation could discourage the ongoing federal raids on California cannabis related businesses. Law enforcement officials are not fans of the proposal, and many cannabis advocates remain divided on the topic.

Voters in Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana for recreational use this past year. Although California advocates plan a similar measure in 2016, they are still having a difficult time persuading lawmakers to deal with medical cannabis.

The bill contrasts with the nation’s first-ever standard for driving under the influence of marijuana in the state of Washington. Passed by voters as part of the state’s 2012 cannabis legalization initiative, it sets blood-level standards for impaired driving based on a specific measurement of marijuana’s psychoactive component, THC.